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Roof Leak Repair Frisco, TX

The last thing you want is a hole in your roof, regardless of if it’s big or small. Suddenly, the inside of your home is at risk of flooding, rotting, overheating, and more. You definitely don’t want to deal with any of those problems. So, the second you notice a leak, call professionals to help with roof leak repair Frisco.

We will go over the details in a bit:

Who can repair the leak?

In some cases, you might be able to fix it yourself. Maybe a shingle is slightly curled, allowing water to leak through. All you’d need is a caulking gun to reattach the curled part of the shingle to the surface. You might need a blow dryer to soften and heat the edges. Shingles do not stick as well in cold temperatures, so be sure to take that into consideration.

However, most leaks will need the attention and assistance of a roofing contractor. A contractor will have all the necessary tools to not only repair a leak, but to also make sure that the leak doesn’t recur.

The professional vs. DIY battle will always be won by the professional. Roof leak repair Frisco doesn’t normally cost much and the experienced hands of the professionals will result in a lasting repair.

Additionally, there is the possibility of your roof having more damage than just the leak. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have a contractor complete an estimate on your entire roof. He/she might find areas that are at risk for leaks. If you roof has endured 10-15 years’ worth of storms, it’s probably in need of a few repairs to solidify it.

What damage might be caused by a leak?Roof leak repair Frisco | Summit Roof Service Inc. 972-715-1655 (1)

  • Flood
  • Mold
  • Rot
  • Electrical issues
  • Ceiling collapse
  • Weak insulation

Water meeting an electrical outlet is the worst outcome that can result from a roof leak. Then again, at that point, it wouldn’t really be considered a leak anymore. The chances of a flood occurring are incredibly slim, but you should never allow your home to be put at risk.

Mold will grow and the structure will rot. If water is constantly finding its way inside your roof, the wood will soak it in and become heavier. That’s how a roof or ceiling collapses: it can’t handle the added weight.

It won’t take long to realize how much a small gap in the roof affects your temperature control. If this happens during the summer, your home will be much hotter than usual. If it happens during the winter, your home will be much cooler than usual.

To offset the temperature affect, you’ll have to overcompensate by blasting the AC or heat. This might work temporarily, but it’s not a good idea to overwork your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) units. The life of your HVAC units will shorten, and your energy bills will go up.

When are leaks most common?

When it rains, of course! That’s why it’s recommended that you have your roof inspected earlier in the spring, hopefully before the rainy season hits. Unfortunately, in Frisco, weather is hard to predict. Early march and late October are some of the best times for inspection, repair, replacement, and any other roofing service. Temperatures are generally moderate during those times, and rain less frequent than the months in between.

It’s important to pick the best time of the year to have your roof worked on. But if you notice a leak, you should call the pros and have it resolved right away.

But if you just want a general inspection, spring and fall are the best times of the year for both your roof and the people working on it.

Where are leaks most likely to occur on the roof?

The exposed parts of a roof are the shingles and flashing. Flashing refers to the material which covers the joints of a roof. For instance, you’ll often see a line of aluminum or steel covering the joint where two ridges meet. You’ll also see it around the chimney, vents and skylights. The purpose of flashing is to protect areas that are vulnerable to moisture entry.

Severe hail damage can dent the flashing and cause it to lose its shape. If it rises from the surface even slightly, it becomes vulnerable to water seeping through. It’s very important that flashing is always firmly in place.

You can’t really go wrong with any type of shingle, but some materials are better than others. Slate and metal are the most durable roofing materials. Though, metal is not common among North Texas homeowners because it’s not a traditional look, and slate is rare because of how expensive it tends to be.

It takes a big impact to crack clay and concrete and it’s not likely that a tile or shingle will lose form after being installed.

Asphalt and wood are weakest against outdoor forces, but they are still very durable. Both materials will last you over 25 years; they just won’t last over 50 like the materials we mentioned before.

If wood roofing is treated and maintained, it should not suffer from any leaks. When it comes to asphalt, you might want to have it inspected after a series of heavy hail storms. Even then, leaks are not by any means common, so extensive roof leak repair probably won’t be needed.

Why do roofs leak?Roof leak repair Frisco | Summit Roof Service Inc. 972-715-1655 (2)

Roofs can leak for several reasons, including:

  • Poor installation
  • Ruthless outdoor conditions
  • Curled, cracked, lifted, or worn shingles
  • Faded molding around the flashing
  • Spongy roof surface

It all starts with installation. Hiring a licensed, reputable, qualified roofing contractor will get you off on the right foor. Number of years of experience is a telling qualification, as are completed projects and customer testimonials.

Any small flaw can put your roof in jeopardy, exposing it to minor damage and/or major damage. That’s why the experts at Summit Roof Service are perfectionists. We ensure a strong foundation, that every shingle is installed properly, and we ensure every part of the roof is made to handle whatever nature throws its way.

How can you find a leak?

More often than not, a homeowner has some idea as to where a leak is coming from. He/she will see a stain on the ceiling or water running down a wall. If either is the case, try to follow the path of the leak to its source.

You might have some luck if it’s running through the attic. The reason for this is that the ceiling of an attic is usually the roof. Furthermore, there is no space between the attic ceiling and the roof like there is with the other rooms of your home.

If you think you’ve found the source, call a family member or a friend for help. One of you needs to stay by the source on the inside, while the other goes on top of the roof to find it on the outside.

Whether you’ve found the leak on the inside or not, the person going on top of the roof can bring a bucket of water and pour it onto different areas of the roof. From there, it’s the job of the person on the inside to keep an eye out for any drops of water appearing from the ceiling. The leak should be able be traced.

That is the do-it-yourself method. Of course, roofing experts have several ways to detect a roof leak. If you know you have a leak somewhere, you might as well have a professional come out to find the leak and inspect your roof. You can seek professional assistance right away, or you can try to find the leak on your own. Either way, you’ll probably need roof leak repair.

Summit Roof Service Inc.

Rainy season is around the corner, so make sure your roof is ready for it! If you suspect any leaks, or if you just want the confirmation that your roof is in good shape, call Summit Roof! We’ll complete a free inspection and determine if there are any issues with your roof. If needed, we will handle the roof leak repair.

The Summit staff comes with over 25 years of experience. We’ve seen it all when it comes to roof problems; finding and repairing a leak will be a quick and effective process.

For more information about our products, services, and company, please visit We also encourage you to check out our blog to gain important input on roof maintenance, shingles, hail damage, and more.

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