Production of the T-Cross: Employees are thrilled (2022)

The T-Cross¹ comes off the production line in Pamplona, Spain next to the Polo. Production started in December 2018. The employees are enthusiastic about the brand's smallest SUV.

The main plant for the Polo, with around 5,000 employees, is located in the Spanish province of Navarra, just outside its capital, Pamplona. The small car has been built here since 1984; 244,127 vehicles came off the production line in 2017. In December 2018, the production of the T-Cross started; for the first time, two models are now being manufactured at the site. Volkswagen is investing around 1 billion euros in the production of both models in Navarra by 2019. The plant director is Emilio Sáenz.

The T-Cross is the Volkswagen brand’s smallest SUV. It is based on the Polo platform and is 4.11 meters long. Besides Spain, the T-Cross is also manufactured in Anting (China) and Curitiba (Brazil) – the regions of the world in which the compact SUV segment is set to double in the next ten years. We asked the employees in Pamplona how they like the "new one".

Proud of their second model at the site

David, Fausto, Maite, Ruben, Inaki, Inmaculada, Cristina, Borja, José and Picallo (from left to right) welcome the T-Cross at Volkswagen Navarra in Pamplona

Cristina (33):

“I have been working in program planning since 2011. We are currently setting the driving dynamics for the coming year. In the future, the Polo and T-Cross will be manufactured in more or less equal parts. It is great for the region to have such an important model here. I think the T-Cross turned out very well. Its design, size and features impressed me from the start.”

Borja (30):

“My first thought was: ‘Wow, what a car!’ The T-Cross suits Pamplona perfectly. Because of the Polo, we have a lot of experience; a second model is a distinction for everyone here at the site. I work in assembly and am responsible for electronics for special vehicles, for example for prototypes. It makes me proud to be right up close to the T-Cross from the very beginning. It’s a great SUV. Cristina and I are very keen on sports, and we can easily transport her inline skates and my football gear. I already know which car we will soon be driving …”

Picallo (41):

“The T-Cross looks very robust; the rear has turned out particularly well. I’ve been working for Volkswagen since 1998, always in assembly. I am currently preparing press vehicles; that’s a lot of fun. Also, I’ve already been allowed to drive our new car; it is agile and hugs the road well. I would buy the T-Cross without hesitation, because I see high-quality vehicles coming off the production line here in Pamplona every day.”

Ruben (43):

“My job is to ensure, particularly for launches, that we have a functioning line by the start of production. In more than twenty years at the plant, I have been able to gain experience of how we can constantly continue to improve our production. I particularly like the front of the T-Cross. You can recognize the SUV face immediately by the honeycombs on the radiator grille.”

Maite (37):

“I make sure that our customers are comfortable in the T-Cross. That’s because I’m responsible for installing the seats on the production line. I studied art history, so the striking lines of the T-Cross immediately jumped out at me. It’s unmistakable at first glance and has a super design. In my spare time, I like photography and being out in nature. The T-Cross is perfect for this purpose, as a compact SUV with enough space for my equipment.”

José (33):

“I am deployed in final assembly and check individual cars in accordance with the Quality Assurance indications. Nothing gets past us! This also includes talking to our colleagues on the production line about where we can improve things. Because we want to provide flawless cars by the market launch in May. I like the fact that you can sit higher in the T-Cross and have a good overview. I’m a qualified vehicle mechanic and worked in motor sports for a while. A T-Cross in orange with high horsepower would be my dream.”




Inmaculada (48):

“I have worked at Volkswagen for 28 years. I have always been in assembly, installing doors. Our work has become considerably more ergonomic over time, but the doors are also lighter now – and their cladding is even higher-quality. I enjoy my work, because I know that the door of a car is important and much is demanded of it. I am really looking forward to the T-Cross. We have waited so long for a second model. It will be challenging, but that only gives us more incentive. With the Polo, we have proven that our site is reliable.”

Fausto (61):

“I work as a foreman in body building. I have been working in this area since joining Volkswagen in 1993. I am actually a shift supervisor, but in the critical launching phase, I am currently being deployed as a specialist for special vehicles. It’s also new for me to have two launches in such a short time, with the Polo in 2017 and now the T-Cross. The T-Cross is my last project before retirement, so I want to finish it as well as possible; that’s a great motivation. My wife and I have decided to purchase a white T-Cross soon. I have driven a Polo until now. For me, it is a point of honor to continue using a car from this region – and a really beautiful one at that.”

David (31):

“The color of a car is an important purchasing criterion – and it’s my area of responsibility at Volkswagen. I’ve been working for the company since 2011. I work in the paint shop and program the robots which apply the paint. We never have downtime. Up to 1,500 bodies receive their paint from us every day. We will be able to paint the T-Cross in up to thirteen different colors. For me, the T-Cross is a car for a broad section of buyers – whether young or old, single or a small family. I would order it in ‘dark petrol’, a dark blue shade. And with an automatic gearbox, because once you have driven DSG, you don’t look back.”

Inaki (32):

“I am a trained maintainer and work in the press shop. My job is to bring the pressed parts from one tool to the next. The parts weigh up to 20 kilograms. This is done quickly, safely and ergonomically using suction cups. I have been working for Volkswagen for ten years; I come from this region and always wanted to work here. The T-Cross ensures that the plant is used to capacity, which is important to me. If work is there, people are happier. It immediately caught my attention that the rear seat in the T-Cross is adjustable. That’s really cool and very practical, since you can then get even more into the trunk.”

Fuel consumption

1T-Cross: Fuel consumption in l/100km: 5,1-4,9 (Super 95) combined; CO2emission combined in g/km: 115-111; Efficiency Class: B

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