Our 9 Favourite German Prefab Companies (2023)

Germany is a global frontrunner in prefab housing, with over 20% of all existing homes coming from inside a factory. This number will continue to rise, as the prefabricated sector is expected to outpace the overall housing market by 3.2% annually in the next five years.

So it comes at no surprise that Germany has a long list of very successful prefab companies. Many of today’s market leaders are well over 100 years old, having started as small carpentries or sawmills that turned into prefab companies in the post-war housing boom. Today, they build homes with the highest environmental standards that are virtually indistinguishable from “normal” houses and are often delivered in just a few weeks.

So here is a selection of our favourite German prefab companies:

1. Fertighaus Weiss

Established in 1881, this family-run prefab company is the oldest on our list. Fertighaus Weiss is a typical champion of the German “Mittelstand” and manufactures around 240 architect-designed homes each year. Customers can choose from different categories like bungalows, wooden homes or Bauhaus-style, with about 15 models per category. Each house can be equipped with the latest smart-home technology, that for instance simulates somebody being home by randomly closing the shading. Fertighaus Weiss can upgrade all homes with sustainable features like solar panels, insulation of the outer walls, or glazed windows and they even operate a carbon positive factory.

Our favourite model — Fertighaus Erlangen
Price of favourite home — starting from 200.000€
Building style — Modern, Wooden House, Bungalow, Bauhaus
Available in — Germany
Number of models — approx. 120
Finishing degrees — Turnkey

Our 9 Favourite German Prefab Companies (1)

(Image: Fertighaus Weiss)

2. Bien Zenker

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With annual revenues of over 140 Mio. € and around 80.000 homes built to date, Bien Zenker is one of Germany’s leading prefab companies. Their portfolio offers a big selection of homes, from modest bungalows to luxurious two-family houses that go well into the 2000€ / m2 range. At the upper range, features include solar panels, electricity storage by the German battery-maker Sonnen and a charging station for EVs. For those who are more budget-oriented, Bien Zenker also provides high quality and lots of customization like optional balconies, carports or different roof shapes. We especially like the virtual tour feature on their website, where you can simulate walking through one of their model homes.

Our favourite home — CELEBRATION 139
Price of favourite home — starting from 190.000€
Building style — Modern, Bungalow, Brick Style, Bungalow
Available in — Germany, Switzerland
Number of models — approx. 232
Finishing degrees — Turnkey, Finishing House

(Image: Bien Zenker)

3. Living Haus

Living Haus is the sister company of Bien Zenker that exclusively focuses on what is called “Ausbauhaus” or “finishing house”. Whereas conventional prefab homes are usually fully assembled by the seller, a finishing house has the owners completing a portion of the home themselves. For those who are skilled in construction or have their own subcontractors, this can save costs and is a common variation of prefab construction. Living Haus typically lays the foundation and supplies the main parts like the walls and the roof, then it is up to the clients how much there’s left to do for them. The selection of available homes is just as large as for other prefab companies and even big, multi-family residences can be finished by the owners themselves.

Our favourite home — Sunshine 143
Price of favourite home — starting from 100.000€
Building style — Modern, Bungalow
Available in — Germany
Number of models — approx. 130
Finishing degrees — Finishing House

Our 9 Favourite German Prefab Companies (3)

(Image: Living Haus)

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4. WeberHaus

WeberHaus regularly scores among the highest in customer satisfaction and build quality for German prefab companies. They create personally-designed turnkey solutions, as well as homes finished by the customer. One of their latest innovations is a partnership with the Apple Homekit, that allows residents to control their devices by voice. WeberHaus is recognized for very high standards in energy efficiency. As the first German company, it introduced the principle of low energy construction to their homes and today, customers can choose highly energy-efficient options like passive houses or energy-plus-houses (more energy generated than used). By the way, WeberHaus even runs the “World of Living”, Europe’s first and only theme park relating to construction and living.

Our favourite home — generation5.5 — Haus 200
Price of favourite home — starting from 250.000€
Building style — Modern, Bungalow
Available in — Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, UK
Number of models — approx. 50
Finishing degrees — Turnkey, Finishing House

Our 9 Favourite German Prefab Companies (4)

(Image: WeberHaus)

5. SchwörerHaus

SchwörerHaus has one of the largest networks of sample-homes across Germany that we could find, making it easy to experience their houses before buying. The prefab builder ranks high in sustainability, offering passive houses as well as energy-plus-houses. One of their innovations we like most is a relatively young product-line called “Flying Spaces”, which are flexible modules that come by truck and can be easily added or removed from one another. The Flying Spaces have a fixed price and are perfect for small homes, student living or vacation rentals, with no foundation or basement needed. SchwörerHaus actually expects this product to generate more revenue than their normal homes within the next 20 years.

Our favourite home — Sonneninselhaus
Price of favourite home — starting from 280.000€
Building style — Modern, Bungalow, Wooden House, Mediterranean
Available in — Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, UK
Number of models — approx. 180
Finishing degrees — Turnkey, Different Degrees of Finishing House

Our 9 Favourite German Prefab Companies (5)

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(Image: SchwörerHaus)

6. Büdenbender

Started as a lumber mill and frame carpentry in 1946, Büdenbender moved into prefab construction in 1962. Its leading technology is a patented wall system that functions as a natural aircon, releasing moisture but not letting it in. Büdenbender ships around 70 different architect-designed models in a most modern and clean look, with some wooden accents on the facade. The overall design of each model is set, but customers have lots of freedom in individualizing specific features and in deciding on the degree of finishing.

Our favourite home — Camaro
Price of favourite home — starting from 260.000€
Building style — Modern, Bavarian, Bungalow
Available in — Germany
Number of models — approx. 40
Finishing degrees — Turnkey, Finishing House

Our 9 Favourite German Prefab Companies (6)

(Image: Büdenbender)

7. Baufritz

Baufritz is one of Germany’s best-known prefab builders. FOCUS magazine ranked it the most sustainable German prefab company of 2018 and it is one of the most international players, also selling in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, UK, Spain and Italy. Baufritz is a full-service construction company, supporting clients from property analysis to handling maintenance after construction. Their homes have a distinct look that embraces warm wooden elements on the exterior and they score very high in eco-consciousness. No construction foams or toxic glues are used in any project and customers are able to opt for completely self-sufficient homes or net-positive homes.

Our favourite home — Passivhaus Frey
Price of favourite home — starting from 320.000€
Building style — Wooden Houses, Modern, Scandinavian, Bungalow, Townhouse
Available in — Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, UK, Spain, Italy
Number of models — approx. 90
Finishing degrees — Turnkey, Different Degrees of Finishing House

Our 9 Favourite German Prefab Companies (7)

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(Image: Baufritz)

8. Regnauer

At Regnauer, customers have the choice between 65 different models, divided into themes like classic design, Scandinavian country style or nature home. Regnauer has an Online configurator, where customers can customize their future place to live by picking the style, size, number of inhabitants and other requests to receive the first quote. All Regnauer houses come fully-finished and boast an aesthetic design with a tasteful mix of natural elements, glass and a minimalist concrete-look. Don’t be fooled, however, as all homes are primarily made out of wood, like all other houses on this list.

Our favourite home — Kufstein
Price of favourite home — starting from 420.000€
Building style — Wooden Houses, Modern, Scandinavian
Available in — Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Number of models — approx. 65
Finishing degrees — Turnkey, Finishing House

Our 9 Favourite German Prefab Companies (8)

(Image: Regnauer)


LUXHAUS is a family-run company that produces around 250 prefab homes per year. Their flagship innovation is the patented “Climatic Wall”, developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute. It uses only natural materials and no chemicals and creates a very healthy indoor climate while being highly energy-efficient at the same time. LUXHAUS homes can be equipped with multiple possible sources of alternative energy, such as solar panels or geothermal energy. LUXHAUS uses only regrowing wood from German forests and recently announced a collaboration with the battery-maker Sonnen, to store energy directly at the home.

Our favourite home — Satteldach Landhaus 207
Price of favourite home — starting from 350.000€
Building style — Wooden Houses, Modern, Bungalow
Available in — Germany, Spain (Mallorca), Luxembourg
Number of models — approx. 90
Finishing degrees — Turnkey, Finishing House

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(Image: LUXHAUS)


Who is the largest modular home manufacturer in Europe? ›

Europe's largest modular home manufacturers are based in the United Kingdom and are led by TopHat, whose current production is about 4,000 houses every year [1].

How much does a Weber Haus cost? ›

Prefab eco home by WeberHaus

A WeberHaus starts from around $3,142 (£2,250) per square metre, excluding groundworks, kitchen and lighting.

How long were prefabs meant to last? ›

Prefabs were a national success: residents immediately loved them and strong communities grew out of this successful social housing scheme, which was only temporary and supposed to last 10 to 15 years.

What were post war prefabs made of? ›

Pre-cast Reinforced Concrete houses were largely made from concrete panels reinforced with steel then bolted together or constructed with a steel frame. They were quick to assemble and required less skilled labour than traditional build.

Are modular homes popular in Europe? ›

Modular construction is gaining popularity across the European region, owing to the population growth and shortages in housing. It is gaining momentum as an effective means to build affordable housing.

Can you build a house for 50k UK? ›

To build a house for under 50k, all you really need is a bed for those bedrooms, so a cosy 8 square metre shouldn't be a problem.


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