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Joker Knives

Joker Knives is a renowned Spanish knife company that manufactures a wide and expanding range of the finest-quality fixed blade knives, folding knives, Bowie knives, saws, axes, survival knives, and hunting knives. The company was incorporated in 1987 in Albacete, Spain. The brand uses advanced technology and traditional hand-craftsmanship to produce highly functional and high-performing survival tools.

Being incepted in Spain, the company is well-known for its experienced craftsmen and master cutlers that manufacture each knife by hand. Joker Knives offers a wide range of edge cutlery and survival tools that caters largely to outdoorsy men, professionals, hunters, adventure enthusiasts, hunters, campers, and travelers. The brand is known for exporting the best-designed and priced knives to over 35 different countries from around the globe.

The brand is particularly famous for designing and producing some of the best sports knives in the industry including bushcraft knives, survival knives, hunting knives, and mountain knives. The blades are hardened to a point that they become easy to sharpen and retain a good edge for extended use. The Spanish knife manufacturing brand continues to stay rooted and soar through the horizon by fusing the best of technology and the traditions of the Spanish knife makers, giving you the top quality edge cutlery on the planet.

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Know your Joker Knives Better

Joker is no new name to the industry. It has made its mark in the market by constantly using the best materials to bring to your home the best knives and cutlery. The producer uses high-quality 440-grade stainless, 1075 carbon steel, and Sandvik steel to forge and shape the blades for the knives. The blades are heated and hardened to a mild 58 HRC (60 HRC for Carbon Steel) which makes it easy to sharpen them and maintain a good edge even after elongated use. The handle material used often includes olive wood, rosewood, Beachwood, Bubinga, bullhorn, stag horn, buffalo horn, micarta, G-10, ram horn, and more. All the fixed blade knives in particular bear full tang and are made available with customized leather sheath.

Joker sure does take knife making pretty seriously and probably this is the reason that all the knives are so precise and performance-driven. Some of the best knives are:

De Monte: Joker De Monte sports a Vanadium-Molybdenum blade and often bears stag horn handle. It is a large fixed blade knife perfect for hunting and exhibiting to your friends. Choose between 3 in. to 6 in. sizes.

Joker Zamak Bowie Knife: An ultimate outdoorsperson’s companion, Zamak bears a 420 stainless steel blade which requires less sharpening and grooved handle for an ergonomic grip. The knife is available in 4.09, 4.63, and 8.19 in. blade lengths.

Joker Bushcraft Knife: This is a sport folding knife that features a 420 stainless steel drop point blade that is hardened to 52-54HRC and wood handle for ergonomic grip even during strenuous tasks.

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Joker Knives Product Categories

: Joker Axes and Hatchets category encompasses a range of well-designed axes that are vouched for their sharp and cutting-edged head crafted using 420 stainless steel. These tactical tools are highly preferred by hunters, fisherpersons, campers, backpackers, travelers, professionals, and outdoors people for their ergonomic design. The handles are sturdy, durable and enable high-performance and impact resistance. Most of these items bear handles made from crown stag and pakkawood.

Joker Fixed Blade Knives: Joker Knives is known for creating some sturdy fixed blade knives. They are available in different blade designs including drop point, gut hook, and a partially serrated blade made from the finest quality, satin-finished Vanadium Molybdenum or stainless steel. Explore the category via handle options including Green checkered ABS, stag bone, and stamina wood. These handles bear a comfortable, tight, and soft grip for elongated use. Most knives have full tang construction to reduce fatigue. They feature a brass pommel at the end of the handle which enhances the entire knife design.

Joker Folding Pocket Knives: The folding pocket knives that feature drop point or clip point blades made from the finest quality steel. The handles are often carved out of wood, bones, or G-10 scales. Look for knives sporting assisted opening systems and locking mechanisms to hold the blade in place when in use. These tactical tools often bear a linerlock or lockback mechanism. This makes single-hand operation easier.

Joker Lockback Knives: The lockback knives are marketed for their unique blade locking mechanism to prevent any accidental openings/closure. The lockback mechanism operates when the blade is deployed and the spine locks into a notch at the back of the blade when you wish to close the blade. These knives have a robust construction with blades made from carbon steel, MOVA stainless steel, and 420 stainless steel. The handles are made from horn, synthetic, and brushed aluminum and enable a secure and comfortable hold during tedious tasks.

Joker Saws: The category envisages different and distinctive saws with serrated blades to cut through the game easily. The blade is manufactured from premium quality Vanadium molybdenum or stainless steel. Look for fixed blades with handle options such as Bocote wood, checkered ABS, and stag bone. These handles are often fitted with stainless guard and pommel to enhance the overall look of the knives and even add to the comfort. These saws come complete with leather or nylon sheath for ease of carrying.

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Joker Knives Product Series

Joker Bowie Knife Series: These are hunting fixed blades exhibiting a conventional blade made with rust-resistant steels Vanadium Molybdenum, MOVA, and more, and hardened to give you maximum edge retention. These blades often have a satin finish which enhances the overall look of the knife. Most knives in the series are promoted for their rugged handle options such as staghorn, horn crown, and buffalo horn. These handle construction promise a secure and comfortable grip as you pierce through a large game in the wilderness.

Joker Bushcraft Knife Series: Explore the series for fixed blades specifically designed for those of you interested in exploring the wilderness. The knives are made from top-notch steel including Vanadium Molybdenum, Bohler N695, carbon steel, and more. The blades flaunt drop plate design for effortless cutting and slicing. The knives bear full tang construction to reduce fatigue. Explore the series for varied handle options like olive wood, micarta, and walnut. Some of the best knives are Corzo, Trampero, and Survival knives.

Joker Combat Knife Series: Browse the series for tactical and survival knives that are appropriate to be used in an emergency. This fixed blade knife boasts MOVA stainless steel construction and is resistant to abrasion and rust. The entire fixed blade knife is forged from one piece of steel and often boasts a handle made from fiber and nylon to facilitate an anti-slip grip. The end of the handle boasts a lanyard hole. It comes complete with a leather belt sheath and nylon carrying cord.

Joker Gut-Hook Knife Series: Explore the series for knives such as Skinner and Gamo. These knives are preferred for their gut-hook blade design. The gut hook is considered a clever and practical idea that makes it easy to skin the game without damaging its internal organs. This design has been gaining recognition over the last decade. These blades are often crafted from Vanadium Molybdenum steel and can last after elaborated use. The handles are often carved from a single-piece horn and possess tang construction that runs through the center. These fixed blades are accompanied by a leather sheath with a single snap clip.

Joker Hunting Knife Series: Explore the series for fixed blade knives sporting a spear point blade made from MOVA 1.4116 stainless steel. These knives often bear 56-58 HRC which makes them perfect for elongated use. Look through the series for knives such as Coyote, Rehalero, Guepardo, Colmillo, Jabali, and more. All the knives bear full tang construction which reduces fatigue during extensive use. The knives are available in varied handle options including stag horn, oak, pakkawood, olive wood, buffalo horn, walnut micarta, and more. These handles are designed to facilitate a secure grip for strenuous tasks.

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Joker Montanero Knife Series: Spanish for mountaineer’s knife, this is an elegant fixed blade designed with utmost care and precision. This Spanish knife flaunts a 14C28N Sandvik stainless drop point blade that can withstand abrasion and corrosion. The blade is hardened to 58-60HRC for ultimate durability and strength. It is flat ground to offer maximum edge retention and sharpness even after an elaborated use. A preferred choice of hunters and professional hikers and trekkers, this knife has rugged handles for a fitted grip.

Joker Nessmuk S Knife Series: A perfect sporting outdoor knife, Nessmuk S is manufactured under the Designation of Origin of Albacete (Spain). The knife is marketed for its Sandvik 14C28N stainless Nessmuk blade that ensures high cutting efficiency. Its ergonomic shape and deep belly make it a great slicer and preferred cutlery when preparing food. Explore the series for different handle options- curly birch and walnut. The knife is accompanied by a leather sheath which enables you to carry the knife in any position (vertical or horizontal) according to the circumstances you undergo while working in the forest.

Joker Nomad Knife Series: The series envisages a line of heavy-duty bushcraft and survival knives particularly designed as your companion for the next outdoor expedition. The knives are real-time all-rounders and can take anything for the team, anything from light duties to some serious cutting, chopping, and digging. The blade is forged from Bohler N695 and boasts full tang construction for precise cutting. It extremely durable and features a contoured spine base which ensures great control and thrusting ability. The wooden handle gives the knife an overall warm look and its practical profile prevents the hand from sliding forward onto the blade, ensuring a solid grip. The handle is large enough to fit medium to large hands with ease.

Joker Nordico Knife Series: The Nordico represents knife traditions of the Scandinavian nations. This piece is renowned for its exquisite finish in terms of both knife design and the accompanying sheath. The knife bears a full-tang blade crafted from Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. A part of the “Bushcraft and Survival” knife line this model is designed to help you in emergencies. Use the knife for either simpler tasks like whittling, notching, lapping, and shaping or for taking down a big game. The blade bears a V-shape drop point blade which is inspired by the ‘grandfather’ knife of Scandinavia. This shape makes it easy to shape the knife in the field. The handle is designed in a way that you retain a good grip on the knife in any situation (water, shelter, warmth, or food preparation). This knife is accompanied by a top-grain hide, double sewn sheath that is reinforced with rivets where necessary.

Joker VikinGO Knife Series: Made keeping the Scandinavian traditions in mind, Vikingo is believed to be sharper than a traditional knife. This knife is a knife collector’s dream and is hand-forged with utmost precision. Its handle in particular is carved out of Bubinga wood and flaunts silver Viking horns at the end. Featuring a spear point blade, this fixed blade knife pierces through the game easily. A representation of Scandinavian traditions, the knife is made from best-in-quality 420 stainless steel and hardened to 55-57 HRC for durability despite prolonged use.

Joker Knives Warranty

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The Spanish knife manufacturer swears upon its knives for quality construction and the use of premium quality raw materials in production. Joker Knives provides warranty covers for all defective products if there is a fault in materials, manufacturing, or assembly. The malfunctioning product will be replaced by the new one. However, the warranty stands void in case you subjected the knife to any purpose other than cutting or if the knife is damaged due to misuse or neglect at your end. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear as well.

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The Joker's main knife is a Smith & Wesson Extractor 1600 out-the-front automatic knife. Originally the knife was used to hold a Joker card in place on the body of an Batman impostor found hanging outside the mayor's office. This was replaced in the final cut with a safety pin.

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BPS knives is one of the leaders in the production of knives in Ukraine.

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TOPS has manufactured their knives in the United States, specifically in Idaho since they were founded. TOPS Knives was founded by veterans and supports the Wounded Warrior Project and other charitable organizations.

What is N695 steel? ›

What is N695 Steel? Bohler N695 steel is a chromium stainless steel manufactured by Bohler. It is an improvement of 440C steel with high hardness, great wear resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance.

What makes a knife a switchblade? ›

U.S. Code Title 15, Sect. 1241 defines switchblade knives as any knives which open "1) by hand pressure applied to a button or other device in the handle of the knife, or any knife having a blade which opens automatically; (2) by operation of inertia, gravity, or both".

What are full tang knives? ›

A full tang extends the full length of the grip-portion of a handle, versus a partial tang which does not. A full tang may or may not be as wide as the handle itself, but will still run the full length of the handle. There are a wide variety of full and partial tang designs.

Is 1066 steel good for knives? ›

The hardness allows it to maintain amazing edge retention but unlike other steels at this hardness its not as brittle or delicate. It is actually highly wear resistant which means you don't need to worry as much about the knife chipping or breaking.

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From the company's beginning in 1889, production of OKC machetes and cutting tools has remained in the USA with uncompromising craftsmanship and materials.

What knives do the Navy SEALs use? ›

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The Ontario MK 3 Navy Knife is standard issue for the United States Navy SEALs. With a 6-inch stainless steel blade, it's a perfectly compact piece of equipment for this elite and efficient group.

What are the sharpest knives in the world? ›

Obsidian knives are currently the sharpest possible knives known to man. Their staggeringly thin blades are the reason for this. The way that obsidian breaks are known as a conchoidal fracture. This kind of fracture looks very different from the edge of a traditional chef's knife.

What is a cowboy bull cutter knife used for? ›

PERFECT MULTIPURPOSE KNIFE - for Camping, Hunting, Hiking, Picnic. Skinning, Deer hunting, Bull Hunting. SHEATH INCLUDED. CONVENIENT CARRY - of this hunting knife is provided with a genuine premium stitched leather sheath that comes with.

What are trapper knives used for? ›

The Trapper gets its name from the consumer it was designed for. Because of its basic trapping and skinning blades and its light weight, it is a must-have knife for those who trap small game. It is a jack knife with two full length blades; a slender Clip and a long Spey.

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One of the knives his company was famous for is the barlow. Green River Works manufactured barlows in mass quantities, and even today vintage Green River Works barlows are highly sought after by collectors.


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