Jayco Roof Rack Options (Cargo, Coleman, Instructions) (2023)

When you have different pieces of equipment or toys to bring with you on vacation, there is always more than one way to achieve this goal. There is no need to leave things at home when you want a fun-filled holiday. You just have to find the right rack to use.

There are different types of roof racks that will work on your camper. They can be made by Jayco or you can make your own. The good thing about putting on on your camper is that you do not have to worry about height limitations and going under overpasses.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information on different roof racks you can use when you want to bring more toys along for the ride. Take a few minutes to see if these options will fit your RV or trailer needs.

Roof Rack Options 101

Finding Jayco Roof Racks ForSale

Coleman Trailer Roof Rack

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ProRac Work Rack

Pop up Camper Roof Racks For Canoe

Can You Put a Roof Rack On a Pop-Top?

Jayco Roof Rack Basket

Jayco Cargo Rack

Jayco Roof Rack Installation Instructions

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Finding Jayco Roof Racks ForSale

Jayco Roof Rack Options (Cargo, Coleman, Instructions) (1)

If you haven’t bought your camper yet, you could try to look for those models that already have a roof rack installed on them. That will save you some hassle and time.

But if you already have your trailer, then it is best to talk to the different RV parts and accessories stores first. They may have something in stock that will fit your trailer’s size. That would be the place to start your search.

You can go to the different Jayco RV forums and talk to the owners there to see where they got theirs. Or check the classified ads to see who is ready to part with their roof rack.

Or check with your local Jayco dealer to see what they have on hand or if they can order one for you. There are a lot of options available you can use to find the size and model you need.

Coleman Trailer Roof Rack

Coleman’s Popup store does have one roof rack available. It is not assembled which means you will have to have some mechanical skills to put the rack together then attach it to the roof of your pop-up camper.

The cost is $150 approx. and it does not look that solid but we could be wrong on that aspect. Amazon had a roof rack for cargo but it may be adaptable for kayaks, canoes, and bikes but currently, it is not in stock.

These may be harder to find as it does not seem like Coleman wants to get into this side of the RV accessory business. You may have to go with a brand that specializes in making roof racks. They should have one that is compatible with your Coleman pop-up trailer.

ProRac Work Rack

Jayco Roof Rack Options (Cargo, Coleman, Instructions) (2)

This will be easier to find than a Coleman roof rack. This is one of those companies that specializes in this auto and RV accessory and they seem to have a tough model that may work for you.

Its weight capacity is 300 pounds and the crossbars are made from 6063 aluminum. That makes this roof rack ideal for heavy loads. Plus, it is compatible with load stops, tie-downs, and cargo carriers.

There is a variety of widths available as well. You can find this rack in 54, 59, and 72-inch widths giving you lots of flexibility depending on the vehicle you will attach it to. Also, you can space the load bars to 36, 40, or 48-inch gaps to make sure your load is balanced and well secured.

These racks come with a 3 year or 36,000-mile warranty to make sure you have a little peace of mind about your purchase.

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Jayco Tent Trailer Roof Rack

You may not find a specific Jayco roof rack made by Jayco for Jayco pop-up campers. However, you will find plenty of different roof rack brands that will make their models fit Jayco products.

One company is Thule and they have a nice roof rack selection that will work on this brand of pop-up campers. Then there is Pro-Rac which does the same thing. You do have top brands making and selling roof racks that would be universal in design.

The key is that you have to be ready to drill holes into your pop-up’s roof to make sure they are installed securely. The prices of a couple of those models from those two brands would be between $200 and $300.

They come well recommended and seem to be up to the task to hold your heavier toys.

Pop up Camper Roof Racks For Canoe

Jayco Roof Rack Options (Cargo, Coleman, Instructions) (3)

There is quite a selection of these items if you really want to get one. Amazon probably has the best price right now and their selections can be universally applied. No matter what brand of pop-up camper you own, these roof racks seem to fit them.

Then, you can get a roof rack at other outlets for those pop-up campers that do not come with built-in rails. Either way, you have a good selection to choose from. The options you have come in a variety of sizes and a variety of weight capacities.

There are some that only carry 150 pounds while others will hold 200 or more pounds. On top of that, they will come in 48″, 66″, 78″, and 86″ widths and more. The thing to watch is how they secure your pop-up’s roof. Make sure to have plenty of silicone on hand to seal up any screws drilled into those roofs.

Can You Put a Roof Rack On a Pop-Top?

This is not a problem and it is a smart way to use up vacant but useful space when you go on vacation. These roof racks will need to have holes drilled into the roof to make sure they remain secure.

The key would be to make sure that those drill holes are sealed tightly so that no water can get in at any time. There are different models to choose from. They will be priced differently depending on size, construction materials, and complexity.

If you are not an expert on installation or have the skills needed, it is best to hire someone who does have those skills and expertise. That way you get the best installation possible.

Jayco Roof Rack Basket

Jayco Roof Rack Options (Cargo, Coleman, Instructions) (4)

There are different models you can look at. They may not all be designed like a basket but they will be labeled as such. These baskets are usually made from aluminum to keep the weight down without sacrificing any strength or weight limits.

In your search, you may find them listed as cargo carriers and these models usually have 4 sides to them and come at various depths. Plus, with their universal design, they should attach easily to the Jayco roof rack systems you already have installed on your pop-up trailers.

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The ones that we saw can come in black or white colors so you have limited choices when it comes to that aspect of these baskets.

Jayco Cargo Rack

These come in handy when you want to bring your generator along with you and you do not have storage space anywhere else to place the device. One model from E-trailer folds up when you do not need the 60-inch length.

The cargo rack is about 2 feet wide and can hold a fair amount of weight. the unique feature of some of these models is that they come with a hitch. That way you can add this to the back of your camper and still tow a small vehicle or extension.

These cargo options can hold between 200 and 500 pounds.

Jayco Roof Rack Installation Instructions

Jayco Roof Rack Options (Cargo, Coleman, Instructions) (5)

The instructions you get will be more detailed than what can be provided here. The installation also depends on the model of roof rack you buy. The basic instructions are as follows:

Step 0ne: Make sure to buy a roof rack that will comfortably fit on the roof you are attaching it to. All the hardware should be included in your purchase.

Step Two: Place the rails where you want them to be and mark the spots for the drill holes. remove the rails once this is done.

Step Three: Drill the holes needed but do not go so deep that you cut the interior roof liner.

Step Four: Put the rails back into position and align them up with the drilled holes. use the screws to tighten the rails in place. Do not over tighten but go snug only. Z

Some Final Words

There is nothing wrong with adding a roof rack to your pop-up camper. It may even add a little more value if you go to resell it later on down the road. The key is to pick the best brand with enough weight capacity and have it installed properly.

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How far apart should crossbars be for ski rack? ›

If no special fitting positions are given in the assembly instructions, the bars should be placed between 24 and 36 inches apart, measured from the same position of each crossbar.

How far apart ski racks? ›

How far apart do the racks need to be spaced? We recommend 8”-12” from center of rack to the next.

How do you load a rooftop cargo bag? ›

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How do you put cargo on a roof rack? ›

Going on a Road Trip? How to Carry Stuff on Your Car's Roof Securely!

How do you use roof racks? ›

How to safely secure items to your roof racks - YouTube

What's the difference between roof rack and roof bars? ›

Roof bars or crossbars are a set of usually two bars that run across the top of the car. A roof rack, by comparison, will feature more than two crossbars and is often modular in design. Sometimes the racks see a fixed format with a set number of crossbars.

How do you use roof rack straps? ›

How To Use Ratchet Straps - Ace Hardware - YouTube

Where should I position my roof bars? ›

How to install roof racks - YouTube

Do you need crossbars on a roof rack? ›

You need two crossbars to go across your vehicle and a way of attaching those bars to your vehicle. The components you will hear us talk about are: Load bars - The two crossbars. Foot packs (or towers) - These support the crossbars.

What is Crossbar spread? ›

User profile. Updated 3 years ago. Follow. Crossbar spread is determined by where the towers of your rack are placed on your vehicle. This spacing will determine which accessories and what load your vehicle can carry.

How far apart should car roof bars be? ›

If no special fitting positions are given in the assembly instructions, try to maintain a minimum distance of 700 mm between the load carrier bars. When carrying long loads, the minimum distance between both cross bars should not be less than 600 mm.

How far apart should crossbars be for roof top tent? ›

Crossbars must be at least 30 inches apart, longitudinally, to support a hard shell roof top tent. The final nail in the stock-crossbar-coffin is weight capacity. Many stock crossbars aren't designed for load weights above 100 pounds — which is far from what a roof top tent and a pair of adults weigh.

Do you need a roof rack for ski rack? ›

Regardless of your choice, you will always first need a base roof rack system (with very limited exceptions) in order to mount a ski rack or cargo box to your vehicle.

How fast can you drive with a rooftop cargo bag? ›

Boxes made by the Swedish manufacturer Thule have a maximum speed limit of 80 mph. Other manufacturers might recommend 70 mph as the limit for their particular carrier. For the majority of people, these limits are likely to be higher than the maximum speed allowed in their country or state.

Can you use a cargo bag without crossbars? ›

Take a look at the cargo bag, # RL100S30. This bag can be attached to the roof safely even without crossbars or rails. Make sure that the bottom of the bag and the top of the roof are clean and free of any debris to avoid scratches on the roof.

Are roof top cargo bags safe? ›

Are rooftop cargo bags safe? They're safe if they're not overloaded, if they're packed with soft-side luggage and snuggly strapped to the car. A loosely secured cargo bag may slide or let the wind get under the bag.

How do you strap down a cargo carrier? ›

With the cargo on your roof, lay the safety strap across the width of your cargo. Take an end of the safety strap and loop it down, under a roof bar that runs perpendicular to your vehicle, and then back up to the top of the cargo. Bring that strap end around to the other side of the cargo.

How do you put a cargo bag without a roof rack? ›

Rightline Gear Attach a Car Top Carrier WITHOUT a Roof Rack

How do I put things on top of my car? ›

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How do you load a Thule box? ›

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Can you put suitcases in roof box? ›

Hard suitcases, especially large ones, are not usually suitable for use in roof boxes; soft bags are always more appropriate. It's also a matter of fact that some manufacturers tend to exaggerate roof box capacities.

Can you put suitcases on a roof rack? ›

Typically, roof baskets (and their wall-less cousins, roof trays) will come with their own hardware to clamp or bolt onto roof rack crossbars. Attach the roof basket first, then you can load your luggage into it. Use tie-down straps or ratchet straps to secure your luggage to the basket or tray.

How do you drive with a roof box? ›

In the case of a roof box, you need to ensure that it's placed centrally on the supports so that the weight of the box is evenly divided and that it is parallel with the road surface and the sides of the car. Finally, you should make sure that you can still get into the boot with the roof box on.

Do you need crossbars for cargo box? ›

All cargo boxes require a roof rack with crossbars to be already installed on your vehicle. Cargo boxes come with universal mounting hardware . This means they can attach to any type of crossbar - round, square, aerodynamic, or factory.

How do you load a cargo box? ›

Yakima [] School Of Rack [] Car Packing Tips - YouTube

What do you put in a cargo box? ›

Bulky, lightweight things fit well in roof boxes: Things that take up a lot of space but don't weigh a ton are good items to put up top in roof boxes. So, things like tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, pillows, camp chairs, etc. are good options.

How fast can you drive with a roof box? ›

Thule recommend that you don't travel any faster than ~80 MPH (130 km/h), which is probably more than your local speed limits anyway.

Can you drive with an empty roof box? ›

The short answer is yes you can drive with an empty roof cargo box but there are many reasons why you shouldn't do it! The majority of storage boxes are fairly easy to install and remove so there really isn't any reason for leaving it on your roof when you don't need to carry extra gear.

Do roof boxes damage your car? ›

Can roof bars damage my car? If your roof bars aren't fitted correctly, then they can indeed damage your car. For example, if screws or clips are over-tightened, then the tracks in your roof or connection points can become warped or go out of shape.

Do you need crossbars for a roof rack? ›

A basic rack system consists of crossbars and supports. You need two crossbars to go across your vehicle and a way of attaching those bars to your vehicle. The components you will hear us talk about are: Load bars - The two crossbars.

How do you tie luggage on top of your car without a roof rack? ›

Tie It Down

If you're using nylon rope or cinching straps, toss them over the item you're tying down, pass them through the open windows and tie them inside the car. Take at least two passes over the item, side-to-side and front to back, and tie the rope tightly inside the car.

How do you put a cargo bag without a roof rack? ›

Rightline Gear Attach a Car Top Carrier WITHOUT a Roof Rack

Can you leave a roof box on all the time? ›

It is generally allowed by law to leave roof bars on all the time. There are not many reasons to take roof racks off the vehicle when not in use, making them a great all-year car rack option. Constant use may affect wear and tear, which can be alleviated by regular maintenance.

Does a roof box affect insurance? ›

Unfortunately, many, if not most, insurers would consider a roof box and/or roof rack, a vehicle modification that they would need to be notified about. Failure to inform them of this addition could lead to you not being covered for damage or loss to the roof box or its contents.

Are roof cargo boxes worth it? ›

Yes, it's worth it to use a rooftop cargo box. They cost more that rooftop cargo bags, but hard rooftop cargo boxes are easier to install and secure. Plus, they are weather resistant and simple to use. They are a convenient way to transport extra gear when traveling.


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