GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (2023)

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (1)

Brandon of Lincolnton, NC Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 28, 2021

This car looks nice but has a lot of similar issues with other reviewers. Purchased this 2015 black Yukon Denali with 45K miles. In 3 years we’ve had to fix/replace $3000 worth of repairs for the following:

- Front magnetic ride struts locked up and causes rough ride - $1600 to replace.
- Faulty brake compressor on front brakes causes brake locking when stopping - $700 replacement with some recall coverage.
- Transmission flush due to stuttering - $500.
- Passenger seat belt buckle lock broke- $300.
- Plastic next to driver windows becomes lose and flaps above 55mph- fixed with Gorilla Glue every few months. Quote is $800 for both sides.

- Paint on hood is fading/cracking.

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (2)

Sheila of Royal, AR Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 14, 2021

I now own my 4th Yukon Denali. I have decided this is my LAST! 2007, 2013, 2015, 2017. Hindsight, the 2007 was my favorite and I have never reached 100,000 miles on any of them! Yes, the technology is more each year, but not necessarily better. I have had everything from broken, cheaply made door handles, panels falling off for no reason, blurry heads-up display screen, to a jumping transmission. You would think with the drastically increasing prices of these vehicles that the engineers designing them would improve the things that current owners have complained to service providers about and document on the warranty, but it seems they don’t change anything with the newer models! They just change the appearance and make things a bit more eye appealing with technology. The transmission in my 2017 model is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me! DONE with GMC!

(Video) The 2021 GMC Yukon Denali Diesel Is an Efficient Huge Luxury SUV

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (3)

Ankur of Conroe, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 12, 2020

Have owned my 2017 Yukon Denali for about 2 years. Was my dream car and was excited to buy it (Was not cheap). Come to find the worst choice I ever made, endless issues with the Transmission which the dealership says is normal, Shaking issues on highway which I had diagnosed by dealership, they said it was my tires so I replaced them with factory recommended, and same issues with shaking. Took back to dealership and now they say it is my shocks. I have not even hit 60000 miles yet. It has been in the shop at least two months of my ownership. I have a Toyota 4 Runner which never has had issues and a Nissan Xterra that is 230000 miles in with no issues. I believe if you maintain a car well, they last forever, but I guess I had high hopes for my first American Truck. If not resolved by the dealership soon, I am going to take my losses, and go back to quality vehicles.

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (4)

Trent of Berthoud, CO Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 4, 2020

I purchased a 2018 Yukon XL Denali in May 2018. In less than 18 months I have corrosion spots on my plastic grill and other trim pieces. When I took it in to my Dealer (King Chevrolet, Buick, GMC in Longmont Co). The service manager said that is caused by the Mag Chloride on the roads and they will not cover it. I explained that this should not happen after only 18 months. I also explained that this is an $80K vehicle and I expect a better product than this. After getting nowhere with the dealership I tried calling the GM customer helpline. This is a waste of time as all they do is play a go between me and the dealership.

The warranty is very clear that any corrosion problems are covered while in the 3yr bumper to bumper warranty. I have also filed a formal complaint with GMC and 3 months later I still have not heard from them either. I thought that buying a GMC Denali would be like buying a Cadillac. Boy was I wrong. I will never purchase another GM product again.

(Video) 2021 GMC Yukon Denali Review: For the unassuming executive | CarGurus

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (5)

J of Maple Plain, MN Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 13, 2020

Just purchased 2016 GMC Yukon Denali 67k miles. 2 days after purchasing notice the hard shift into first and second gear. Terribly rough ride. Get up to 60 mph shaking and shudder like rumble strips. Rough idle. Took into dealer. We are still under 30 day warranty. They replaced the transmission temp sender to fix the hard shift. To fix the shudder they replaced the control valve on the transmission. They replaced transmission fluid to help with both. Lowered tire pressure to address rough ride (husband already did that and it didn’t help).

Told us rough idle was normal and this vehicle has “loopy idle” and this is normal. Husband could see caked on dirt residue from leaking both rear shocks. Dealer says shocks not leaking and nothing to do with our rough ride complaint. Now on a 1200 mile road trip and hoping to get back home because all shaking etc still evident and then trading it in ASAP. Never a gmc again. (We had a ‘03 Yukon XL for 17 years and it was a great vehicle.)

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (6)

R. of Thomasville, AL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 19, 2020

First of all I want to say that this is a magnificent vehicle! Bold, Beautiful, and state of the art technology. My disappointment comes from the fact that, despite the impressive size of the SUV, the width of the front doors is much less than they were on older models and the width of the bucket seats is more narrow. I am 6'4" 210 lbs and I ordered a new Denali with all the bells and whistles that I wanted, all the time thinking this big boy would be accessible to me. Well, it's not! I have to back into the seat, then spin around to drive. When I position the seat for driving, my left shoulder is rubbing the area behind the door.

(Video) Review: 2019 GMC Yukon Denali 6.2L

The door on this "large SUV" is so narrow I have to maneuver myself to exit the door. I almost feel claustrophobic! The bucket seats are so narrow my hips and my legs are fixed on the raised outer area of the seat! Again, Why? there is a massive center console with far more space than anyone would ever need, and yet GMC chose that over comfortable seats!

Look, I could understand if this were a compact or even a Sport vehicle. But it is a Large Sport Utility Vehicle! One should expect it to be spacious! But I can access my wife's 500SL better than I can my Denali! I paid $75K for a big vehicle only to find Hobbit sized doors and seats! Hey GMC engineers! Go back to the drawing board, dig out the specs from the 2000s and correct this fatal flaw!

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (7)

Danielle of Ocoee, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 16, 2019

I recently purchased a 2016 Yukon Denali with 25,000 miles on it. Bought extended warranty to make sure I was covered. The sales man told me that the owner smoked but not in the car. The car had 1 owner and bought from this GMC dealership so they "knew him". I have a new born and a 6 year old and I'm a non smoker. They guaranteed me the smell would come out. Lie. I bought all kinds of air purifiers etc and it still smells like smoke. This should have been my first clue that this dealership was not to be trusted.

Then the horrible shaking started at 80. It's so bad that my daughter threw up after a long road trip. The dealership is now telling me that I have to buy all new tires in order for the shaking to stop. My tires are new. It's all a run around. I have been up there more than 5 times for this shaking and they are telling me it's a balancing issue. My tires were balanced with one of their fancy balancing machines and it still shakes. My next call is to an attorney. I do not have peace of mind driving my family around in this death trap.

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (8)

Jacob of Emporia, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 15, 2019

Very nice vehicle. Has been very reliable and affordable. It is a 2007 Yukon with 150k miles. I have only had to do routine maintenance and low cost repairs so far. I would hop in and drive anywhere in it.

(Video) 2022 GMC Yukon Denali // Surprising UPDATES for this $85,000 Luxury Beast!

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (9)

Mike of Frankfort, IL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 14, 2019

The vehicle is very reliable (no repairs thus far), is extremely safe (built on a truck frame), and is very comfortable to drive (magnetic ride suspension, heated and cooled front seats, heated steering wheel, front and rear air conditioning, 10 speaker Bose stereo system with CD player, entertainment system - movies).

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GMC Yukon Denali 242 Reviews (with Ratings) (10)

Jackie of Auburn, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 12, 2019

The GMC Yukon Denali XL is a very comfortable ride. The acceleration is as smooth as glass. There are countless convenience features that once you have them you find you HAVE to have them. I feel very safe and secure in my Yukon XL no matter the weather.

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