20 DIY Roof Rack Ideas To Lift Vehicles (2023)

Racks for the vehicle's roof play a crucial role in the expansion capabilities of the vehicle. They can easily handle long objects, large items, and even loads that have been tied down. Roof racks can also be used for cross-country skiing and snowboarding. Whatever you choose to transport, there's a roof rack that's right for you. But despite all these benefits, there is a reality that adding roof racks are an expensive option, and not everyone can afford it. So to bring the things in range and make it possible for everyone to add racks on the roof of their vehicle, here we came with a series of DIY roof rack ideas.

DIY Roof Rack Ideas

There are several ways to install car roof racks at home, and they don't always involve screwdrivers. Many of them don't require any tools at all. With an inexpensive set of materials and a small amount of time, most homeowners can put together a sturdy set of DIY roof rack ideas to help hold their gear while they drive. . We'll show you exactly how, with links to all the newest innovative articles by the passionate DIYers below.

Small Car Roof Rack

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We often do not have enough space to store bulky stuff. The roof rack is a great solution for this issue. It’s a handy rack mounted on your car to carry extra things like luggage and sports equipment. With this small car roof rack, you will never miss out on any support or help, especially in an emergency.

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DIY Roof Rack Rod Holder

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Building a lightweight roof rack is one of the best ideas you can use for any vehicle. A custom-made rack, irrespective of design specifications, is made easier with this guideline. For example, you’re to choose from steel and aluminum. The features start with a wordy segment that mainly focuses on materials to use, although including a brief explanation of different types of racks, namely tubular, all-purpose, and crossbars. At the end of it all, the video shows the construction from scratch to its end.

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Soft Roof Rack For SUV

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These racks are capable of carrying light items. They accommodate a wide range of equipment and are easy to install. This universal roof rack is easily customizable, removable, and strikingly light. The Universal Soft Roof Rack has a complete set of tubing measuring 1-¼ inches in diameter and can be cut to length per the user’s requirements. In addition to this, you may also choose between black or white color options, depending on your preference. The soft roof rack is sturdy polyester webbing resistant to UV damage and weather conditions.

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DIY Aluminum Roof Rack

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(Video) How to Make a Custom Roof Rack | I Like To Make Stuff

If you are looking for roof racks that are easier to install, this is the right project for you. An aluminum roof rack is an advanced projection that enables you to carry extra weight on your vehicle. Roof racks are also referred to as car racks, roof racks, and roof bars. They are mounted on the top of a car or truck. To ensure its safety, ensure sufficient clearance between your luggage and any part of your vehicle is consistent with the laws enforced in your region. All the parts are clearly labeled, so installation is a breeze; follow the step-by-step instructions.

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Easy DIY Roof Rack

Looking for a new way to create better use of space in your car? We have the answer for you. In this article, we share some innovative ideas to maximize space for more storage by putting a roof rack on top of your car. They provide additional storage space and allow you to attach various accessories, such as bike racks, ski racks, and ski carriers. There is a wide selection of roof racks available in different forms to choose the right one for your car.

DIY Roof Rack Plan

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This is the perfect project for your garage or shed. This metal rack attaches to the ceiling and holds several items (i.e., ladders, kayaks, etc.) while providing easy access. The metal body has given this rack more weight and stability than if it were made of wood. The structure is created using a metal body instead of wood, which adds some cost to the budget. But you will be pleased to know that it also results in a structure that holds up against outdoor elements. The metal body adds cost to the budget but the efficient rack design measures dependability to hold anything against outdoor elements.

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DIY Roof Rack Design

Installing a roof rack requires proper setup and installation. This video will teach you the parts and tools needed to assemble an inexpensive yet dependable roof rack for your car or van. You'll also see how weather stripping can help protect your belongings from rain and snow. This is a complete video guide on the necessary steps for making a roof rack for your car. This video covers everything from start to finish, including design, installation, and tips for roof rack maintenance.

No Weld Truck Roof Rack

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(Video) DIY 20$ Junkyard Roof Rack

Get to the best of your adventure and explore the world by riding with the top-rated No Weld Roof Rack. This excellent rack offers a sturdy, durable and reliable rack that is easy to install and remove. There is no need to weld, no drilling holes, and no extra tools. The innovative design will hold the bars in place until you are ready to take them off, so there is no damage to your vehicle.


Functional Roof Rack Idea

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With the help of composite boards and screws, this DIY rooftop rack can be built in just a few hours. This rooftop rack is designed to hold heavy items on different occasions so that you don't have to worry about the safety of your vehicles or other items you place inside. You only need the necessary materials, which are cheap and handy. They include boards and screws, which are necessary to hold the racks' assembly securely. Moreover, it illustrates how to assemble the framework into a sturdy structure.

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Customized Roof & Cargo Rack

The roof cargo rack is a strong and sturdy frame to haul large amounts of cargo. The roof cargo rack is all set to provide you with the needed protection while placing not just small but long objects on it. This rack can be easily attached to your car, truck, or trailer. A perfect choice for hauling larger items such as ladders, bikes, and kayaks. Just attach it where you need it and customize the load space to fit your needs.

Home-Made Roof Rack Idea

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Looking for a homemade roof rack idea? Follow this amazing Home-Made Roof Rack guide to add a rack to your SUV, making it easier for you to lift the bicycles and cycle along while camping. The most important part about this project is that it doesn’t require drilling or permanent modifications to your vehicle. It will be safe enough to drive with all four bikes up there. Don’t forget that these racks come in different sizes and can hold up to six bikes simultaneously!


(Video) 80/20 Roof Rack Load Bar Extensions and more

Simple & Cheap DIY Rack

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If you need a sturdy and secure way to transport your solar panels, bikes, ladders, or kayaks, then this DIY rack will help. The guide covers every step, from modification of the van’s rooftop to securely holding certain items with simple steps that most people can do themselves. This van rack is suitable for the rooftop of your vehicle. You can fit this rack into your van to securely hold your items with a few modifications. Follow these guidelines, and we’ll show you how to install solar panels on your van rooftop.

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Superstrut Unistrut Roof Rack

This Roof Rack is a great item to get your very own cargo box. The video shows you how to install the rack and make it more convenient for you to carry stuff from one place to another. Use Superstrut/Unistrut equipment to pull everything together in a single place. Our SuperStrut kits for trucks and vans come in custom-length configurations that allow you to use existing mounting locations, like factory side rails and various other mounting options.

Van Roof Rack

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This DIY van roof rack installation guide is the most popular solar panel. The rack was specifically designed for holding solar panels on the roof of a van and aims to keep them stable during transit. It will never be possible to avoid movement on rough roads or terrain completely, but it should create a more stable mounting solution. Adding extra solar panel capacity or camping equipment or creating a space for storing luggage or bicycle gear on long road trips is also great.

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Fun And Cheap Roof Rack

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Not everyone has a garage or space for hobbies in their home. This Roof Rack is perfect for all of your outdoor needs and activities. It's easy to install and will surely impress your friends with its durability and style. With a roof rack from Yakima, you can bring the necessities of life along so you can spend more time doing the things that matter to you. Our roof racks are designed to carry all your gear safely, securely, and comfortably.


Customized Roof Mounting System


When you have bulky items to transport, it’s important to ensure they are safely secured. The Custom Roof Mounting System provides the proper foundation for your cargo to be loaded safely onto your rooftop carrier. It’s easy to install and built with a rugged aluminum frame, giving you years of reliable protection without wear or tear. It offers quick and easy installation and is perfect for transporting boats, kayaks, and other large items.

Homemade Roof Rack Idea

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This tutorial is ideal for a vehicle with a roof rack option. It uses supplies you can find at home to build your roof rack that can be used to carry things not fitting inside the vehicle, such as a surfboard, fishing rods, and suitcases. This process goes beyond the average roof rack and will be sure to impress with its simplicity. This DIY project requires some basic knowledge, such as measuring and drilling holes.

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Roof Rack With Cross Bars

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When you are about to go on a camping trip, one of the necessary things would be to carry some of your stuff with you. To make this easier and more convenient, we have an amazing idea for you to make your own Roof Rack Cross Bars. It is super easier as well as unique. By following these simple steps, you will see how quickly and easily these racks can complete. Once the racks are built and installed, you can easily add things like canoe paddles, kayaks, bicycles, and more! It's time to get out on the open road.


Cheapest Roof Rack Idea

The roof-rack project saves you a significant amount of money and provides the DIY enthusiast with an opportunity to recycle some steel scraps from home. The assembly instructions are clear and helpful, providing a step-by-step guide for all parts. This DIY project utilizes recycled materials and guides you step by step through the process of building a sturdy and reliable roof rack. Includes the materials list, tools you will need, detailed build instructions, and more.

Simple DIY Roof Rack

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(Video) Build Your Own Damn Roof Rack - How I Built a $1000 Roof Rack for $300 in half a day.

The Simple DIY Roof Rack can be added to your vehicle in less than a day at only a fraction of the cost of a commercial roof rack. This handy lifting system is quick and safe when it’s time to carry some extra gear. With all parts sourced from an auto parts store, you can have this option up and running in no time. Easy to install, removing it even easier. It’s a great way to add extra storage or easily become an air transporter. You can be ready in just a few minutes!



Can I make my own roof rack? ›

Roof racks are a great way to add more storage to any vehicle, but finding the right one to fit your needs can be frustrating. Instead of settling for a rack that isn't perfect, you can build your own.

How do you distribute weight on a roof rack? ›

When packing your roof rack, it's important to distribute weight evenly. As you load items, spread them across the roof, using your center line and doors as a guide. The lighter items should go on the bottom with the heavier pieces on top.

What should I load on my roof rack? ›

I can load a bit of firewood up there. But you know we all go to load our ribs up differently

Can I put a roof rack on a car with no rails? ›

If your car doesn't have any factory rails, don't worry; there are still options for you to put some bars on your roof. Some vehicles (BMW, Volkswagen, and Mazda especially) come from the factory with fixed mounting points.

How do you build a roof rack? ›

How to Make a Custom Roof Rack | I Like To Make Stuff - YouTube

How do I make a DIY rack mount? ›

How to Build a Quick and Easy Equipment Rack - YouTube

What happens if you put too much weight on a roof rack? ›

Weight on a roof rack makes a vehicle handle poorly, more likely to roll over, and reduces its fuel economy. In nearly all cases heavy, bulky things like oversized spare tires can find much better homes in or attached to your adventuremobile -not on top of the rack at its tallest point.

What roof racks hold the most weight? ›

In fact, most heavy-duty roof racks, such as the Thule Complete Crossroad System or the Thule Evo WingBar, will hold up to 165 lbs.

How much weight can you put on the roof of your car? ›

Generally, the weight limit of your vehicle's roof depends on whether or not there is a moonroof. If you have a moonroof, the weight limit is usually 125 pounds. Without one, it's usually 200 pounds. That said, be sure to check your car owner's manual to confirm what your car can hold.

Can you add a roof rack to any car? ›

Many vehicles are readily equipped with some form of roof rails — which you may notice when buying a car. Some manufacturers may offer these rails standard, while others provide them as an option instead. If your car doesn't have any, they can be installed separately.

Can I use any roof rack on my car? ›

Can any roof rack fit any car? Unfortunately not all roof racks will fit every car, each vehicle has a unique roof profile that needs to have roof racks designed to specifically suit it. Some of the styles of roof that your vehicle may have are: Factory rails.

Can you make a weight rack out of wood? ›

From using lumber, pinewood, scrap wood, plywood, and even the steel plates, these ideas use all to build a lasting longer dumbbell rack. All these ideas are budget-friendly and will demand the least carpentry experience.

Is it worth getting a roof rack? ›

Roof rails on their own act as a carrier of oversized items. So if you're looking for a car roof transport option that gives you maximum cargo weight, stability and safety, roof racks are definitely the way to go.


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