10 Best Apartment Rooftops in Jersey City (2023)

Want a home with a view? Check out the amazing rooftops awaiting you in Jersey City.

As one of the best places to live in New Jersey, Jersey City has a lot going for it. It's close to Manhattan but still has plenty to do, see, and eat on its own side of the Hudson. Many people who commute to New York City opt for a Jersey City apartment for just this reason.

If you are thinking of living in Jersey City, consider making a must-have amenity list before you begin to search. This should include all your wants, from a pool to a gym. With the amazing city views you'll get living here, your list should also include an impressive rooftop deck.

Soho Lofts

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Source: Rent. / Soho Lofts

About halfway up the soaring building that is Soho Lofts, you'll find the community's secondary deck. Below, the infinity-edge pool sparkles, but up here is where you can go to play. Surrounded by a white fence, up here you'll find a small play area for the kiddos and a pet park for your furry friends.

Among the mix of hip restaurants, craft beer bars and indie shops, living in Downtown Jersey City offers some serious perks. This is a center for the arts and historic architecture, even among the modern high-rises that look toward Manhattan.


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Source: Rent. / Haus25

Meant to impress, the 56th-floor sky lounge at Haus25 is a great place to hang out. A massive couch around a modern fire pit provides ample space to gather with a group. Outdoor dining areas sweeten the deal and added trees and other greenery keep you grounded in nature. This community is full of outdoor spots that extend above the courtyard. You'll also find an outdoor workout space and the resort-style pool and spa.

Situated along the Hudson River in The Waterfront neighborhood, living here puts you close to museums, shopping and plenty of bike trails. Walking along the boardwalk allows you to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty as well. It's a perfect balance of luxury and convenience similar to the rest of the amenities you'd find at Haus25.

The BLVD Collection

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Source: Rent. / The BLVD Collection

Not all rooftop fun has to happen outside. At The BLVD Collection, it's a mix of the indoors and outdoors between the sky bar and lounge and clubroom and sky terrace. Grab some fresh air out on the terrace if you want, but the modern design and cushy chairs in the lounge may keep you indoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide spectacular views, and small pockets of seating make it easy to socialize with a smaller group.

Indoor/outdoor fun isn't just for the adults here either. The kid play area crosses into both areas as well. Other amenities of this Hudson Exchange community include a karaoke room, dog run, pool, fitness center and yoga studio. Whatever you're up to though, take a minute to absorb the great water views this neighborhood offers its residents.

Journal Squared

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Source: Rent. / Journal Squared

Dual tabletop fireplaces and cushy, neutral-toned seating give the sky lounge at Journal Squared a modern and sleek look. Gaze out toward the city without worrying about keeping warm or having somewhere to relax. This great space provides it all and includes a bar island and kitchenette.

Within the business district of Journal Square, this community features a 5,000 square foot, fenced-in dog park, a library with lounge seating, a lap pool and plunge pool and so much more. It aligns perfectly with the family-friendly neighborhood vibe.

Portside Towers

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Source: Rent. / Portside Towers

What's even better than having a communal roof deck to enjoy? It's having those same amazing views available to you from your own high-up balcony. Living on the upper floors at Portside Towers not only gives you your own private outdoor space, but with it comes unparalleled views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson and Jersey City itself.

Full of funky decor, this Paulus Hook community wows you right away with its impressive lobby. Location comes next, being right on the water, only a mile across the river from Manhattan. You'll find a variety of restaurants and coffee shops in the area too, along with locally owned shops.

Liberty Towers

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Source: Rent. / Liberty Towers

There's nothing like taking in a great view while enjoying a meal, especially when you cook it yourself. The grilling sundeck at Liberty Towers gives you just this type of opportunity. Ample clusters of seating make it easy to keep your meal to just you and your friends. While you're up on the roof, don't forget to check out the pool as well.

Even though you're surrounded by plenty of other high-rise buildings, living in The Waterfront means a luxurious life. This smoke-free community features shopping and dining options on the ground floor along with a kids' club, boxing gym, spin studio, yoga studio and cinema-style screening room.


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Source: Rent. / Rivet

It's a party up on the rooftop terrace at Rivet. This is an ideal space to entertain and meet other residents. The entire roof is full of seating and tables. Bar seating and a mounted TV sit front and center, and Edison lights crisscross the space from above. A gaming area offers up life-size billiards, and the outdoor kitchen comes complete with a grill, sink and small refrigerator beside plenty of prep space.

Giving off suburban vibes, this West Side community sits among plenty of great parks and fun places to eat. On-site, you'll find a fitness studio, pet salon, recreation room, media center and more.

The Pier

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Source: Rent. / The Pier

It's the combination of indoor and outdoor space that makes the roof at The Pier truly special. Inside, you'll find a cool lounge with ample seating, fun lighting and a pool table. Picturesque windows tease what's on the outside of this high-up spot, taking you out to a cool outdoor lounge. Couches form great group hangout spots, while lounge chairs look out onto the view. There are also umbrella-covered tables and chairs and an outdoor cooking area.

This The Waterfront community offers panoramic views from its impressive rooftop as well as a 24-hour fitness center and clubroom. It's a perfect, pet-friendly space for you to explore.


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Source: Rent. / Madox

The cool rooftop space at Madox will transport you out of Jersey. Wood and stone combine to make a great hangout spot complete with a pergola, lounge chairs, dining area and funky fire pit.

Another gem in Paulus Hook, the Madox is all about upscale boutique living with the amenities to prove it. You'll have access to a 24-hour fitness center, bike storage facility and a kids' park when you call this community home.

Newport Rentals

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Source: Rent. / Newport Rentals

Escape to your own oasis up on the roof at Newport Rentals. Take in the gorgeous views, complete with a massive pool and loungers, plenty of umbrellas for shade and a covered roof deck lounge that's perfect for gazing out at the water and the island of Manhattan.

Another option in The Waterfront, not all the luxury in this community is up on the roof. Here you'll also find a seasonal ice rink and gym with an indoor pool. There's a children's playground, tennis courts and a resident lounge as well. Planned community activities bring the residents together, and on-site retail shops make it easy to do a little shopping.

Grab a home with one of the best apartment rooftops in Jersey City

Now that you've seen how necessary a roof deck can be when you live in a Jersey City apartment, are you ready to start searching? Make sure you know the value of all the potential amenities a community offers and then head out. You'll find that perfect place for sure.

Featured image source: Rent. / Rivet


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